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US Vogue [APRIL '18]

US Vogue [APRIL '18]

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"If there is one brand that ticks off every of-the-moment skin-care box, Orveda, quite possibly, is it; fittingly, it will be a cornerstone of Saks Fifth Avenue’s revamped beauty floor in New York, where glass jars will also house hand-poured bespoke samples. “It’s like having a prescription made for you,” says Nabi of the counter service, highlighting her new Prebiotic Emulsion — a 3-in-1 formula developed with French cosmetic surgeon Patrick Bui, M.D., that works as a serum, moisturizer, and weekly treatment to speed healing, especially following in-office treatments. Packaged with a reusable silicone mask to help boost ingredient penetration, it’s part of Nabi’s plan to disrupt yet another beauty benchmark: disposable sheet masks. They’re wasteful and inefficient, she says. Those are fighting words in some circles, but Nabi seems more than prepared to back them up."