The Healing Sap™
The Healing Sap™

The Healing Sap™

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Face toner + visible skin transforming serum; 8h hydration, brightening, anti-fatigue
4.2 fl oz / 125ml + non-woven compresses
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The Healing Sap™ is an exceptional pre-care treatment, designed to act on the origin of beautiful, healthy looking skin, with visibly rejuvenated skin glow, skin tone and skin texture. 

Short Description

All skin types, including Sensitive skins
Vegans (including those looking for cruelty-free alternatives)
Halal skincare users

What are the benefits

8h hydration
Brightening, illuminating
Visibly optimizes skin tone and transparency
Smoothing pre-care, pore tightening, anti-fatigue
Make-up base & extender
Fantastic for face, neck, neckline, hands

Proven results

This holistic treatment improves skin’s hydration (+80%)* for up to 8 hours, illuminates (+29%)* and brightens (+30%)* while re-balancing skin tones: Rosier (+46%)*, Less Olive (-18,6%)*, and Less Beige (-10%)*. Our Healing Sap™ helps to fade the visible signs of skin fatigue (-45%)*. It also helps to improve skin’s texture by smoothing it (+20%)* and by strongly reducing the appearance of pores visible in oily and combination skins (-44%)*.
Dermatologically-Proven Efficacy. 

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control, after 28 days of daily usage, on 28 testers + 8h hydration test, 10 testers.


Orveda's unique formula contains 10 actives concentrated at 12%.

Bio-fermented Kombucha black tea for comprehensive rejuvenation on skin tone and glow.
A natural prebiotic (Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide)
Marine enzyme (Thermus Thermophillus Ferment) to help the healing of the skin's natural moisture barrier. 
Botanical Glycerin and Bamboo Water known for their moisturizing properties.
Seaweed Extract known for its energy stimulating properties.
2 Hyaluronic Acids known for their hydrating properties.
Papaya Enzyme known for its brightening properties.

It is also scented with Galbanum: Orveda’s “green” signature scent created by a master Parisian perfumer. 

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What it’s formulated without

Animal extracts
Artificial colorants  
Essential oils
Irritants such as fruit acids
Mineral oils (except traces)

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Expert Reviews

“This is my daily glow shot, AM & PM. I never, ever forget to use it - nor would I want to. I use it religiously on my face but also on my hands, chest and even arms. It is a fabulous skin treatment for all visible parts of the face and body. I also recommend to use it not more than 3 minutes after the end of the cleansing routine, when skin is still receptive and open to best receiving actives.”

What the press say

“A light-textured serum that has 10 active ingredients at a concentration of 12 per cent to help brighten and smooth the skin. It smells like walking into a forest glade, instantly relaxing.”

“The words 'sap' and 'bacteria' might not be turning you on, but this healing formula (think about it as probiotic yogurt for your skin) will leave skin glowing.”

“We absolutely love The Healing Sap™: a restorative elixir for beautiful skin. It can increase the skin's moisture by up to 80 per cent while brightening and balancing the skin”

“Applied using the gauze provided, the cooling, green tea- scented gel sank quickly into my skin, leaving it velvety soft ... worth it when your skin needs to get its glow back”

How to use it

Shake to activate before use!
To be used AM & PM.
Once applied, complete with hand application and self-massage.
Our non-woven compresses enable a precise, professional application, without bobbling.


Follow our "Glow Activating" routine

We suggest you that once you have applied The Healing Sap™, moisturize with our Firm Brew Botanical Cream and use the Ironing Effect Masque as a finishing care treatment. This is the Orveda Glowy Trinity.

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