During Winter, even skins that are normal, combination or oily, can become parched due to cold weather and a natural slowing of sebum that leads to lack of moisture and faster aging. Hydrate your skin with our skin-nourishing, barrier-strengthening Glow Activators below, that boast high concentrations of hyaluronic acids, oils and butters.

For dry-to-very dry skins, Rich Brew Botanical Cream is our “crème de la crème”. Ideal for Winter, it’s a natural nutrition butter that contains a unique active (Marine Glycoprotein from Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica bacterias) known for smoothing wrinkles as well as revitalizing skin.

For normal-to-dry skins, Firm Brew Botanical Cream is an exceptional, 8hr moisturiser that lifts and firms but also visibly transforms skin tone, transparency and luminosity on a daily basis.

Treat dehydrated skin with Sheer Brew Botanical Gel and The Prebiotic Emulsion.

  1. Firm Brew Botanical Cream

    Revitalizing 8h moisturizer; improves the appearance of wrinkles & dull skin tones.... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Zamak Pro Tool
    $ 410.00
  2. Rich Brew Botanical Cream

    Intensive healing 8h moisturizer, natural nutrition butter. Unscented.... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Zamak Pro Tool
    $ 410.00
  3. The Prebiotic Emulsion

    Pro-recovery fluid moisturizer (P.P*). Unscented.... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Silicone Mask
    $ 330.00
  4. Nutritive Plumping Massage

    Bio-fermented cream-oil, leave-on masque; hydration booster, dry skin healer & smooth... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Flat Brush
    $ 215.00
  5. Contour-Lift Effect, Dewy Glow Botanical Oil

    Replenishes & improves the appearance of skin’s glow, transparency & contours... 1.0 fl oz. / 30ml + Zamak Pro-Tool
    $ 225.00
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