Fight faster aging in winter


At Orveda, winter skincare is about soothing, protecting and deep-nourishing both skin barriers against colder elements. In winter, skin produces less sebum and becomes prone to redness and dryness, in addition to looking dull and pale. It can age faster and fine lines, dryness, dehydration lines, as well as a lack of firmness, become more visible.

Balancing serums and light fluids for hydration; relying on daily occlusive creams for nutrition and protection; as well as overnight non-rinse masks are key steps to fighting exacerbated age signs in winter. Below, find our essential kit to fight against fast-aging and winter skin dullness.

  1. The Healing Sap

    Face tonic + visible skin transforming serum; 8h hydration, brightening, anti-fatigue... 4.2 fl oz / 125ml + non-woven compresses
    $ 150.00
  2. Firm Brew Botanical Cream

    Revitalizing 8h moisturizer; improves the appearance of wrinkles & dull skin tones.... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Zamak Pro Tool
    $ 410.00
  3. Ironing Effect Masque

    Ironing, firming, lifting & contouring effects, diminishes visible skin fatigue signs... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Flat Brush
    $ 330.00
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  4. Eye Unveiler 422

    Addictive ceramide + prebiotic eye cream (P.P*). Eyes, lash & brows youth. Unscented.... 0,5 fl oz / 15ml + black pin-point applicator & pure silicone pad
    $ 255.00
  5. Overnight Skin Recovery Masque

    Leave-on, anti-fatigue, gel-in-oil; helps fights night dehydration... 1.6 fl oz. / 50ml + Flat Brush
    $ 235.00
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