Our Results

“It is impossible to stay young forever. At Orveda, we are interested more in the fountain of knowledge than the fountain of youth. It is also why we do not focus on anti-aging and why we focus solely on glow.” Sue Y. Nabi

Orveda is not about professing to reverse ageing but rather celebrating a new-age beauty: redefining beauty not as youth but, instead, as glowing health.

And so we set about creating the first skincare that could rival make-up: delivering healthy skin confidence by rejuvenating skin’s natural glow via a return to the roots of everything. Which means? To help skin do what it does naturally.

To help empower the natural superficial processes of the skin and to achieve such a high level of visible glow that it may make the need for foundation redundant, we offer an entirely different and comprehensive way of formulating skincare. 

Working with skin, not against it, Orveda is fearlessly kind – to skin, self, others, the planet — with results. 

Glow With or Without Make-Up

Healing Sap

The clinical test results of The Healing Sap™ prove that Orveda, as skincare, can rival make-up. 

This exceptional pre-care treatment is designed to act on the origin of beautiful, healthy looking skin, with visibly rejuvenated skin glow, skin tone and skin texture. 

Containing 10 actives concentrated at 12%, this holistic treatment:

  • Improves skin’s hydration (+80%)* for up to 8 hours
  • Illuminates (+29%)* and brightens (+30%)*
  • Re-balances skin tones: rosier (+46%)*, less olive (-18,6%)*, and less beige (-10%)*
  • Helps to fade the visible signs of skin fatigue (-45%)*
  • Improves skin’s texture by smoothing it (+20%)* and by strongly reducing the appearance of pores visible in oily and combination skins (-44%) *

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control, after 28 days of daily usage, on 28 testers + 8h hydration test,10 testers. 

Across the Orveda range, we have conducted more than 20 clinical tests on 300 testers.

Make-Up From Within

Central to Orveda’s signature glow and proven results is one of the key components to our unique mix: 

Bio-fermented kombucha black tea — which we call “make-up from within”  to increase the freshness and rosiness of the skin.

Saccharomyces/xylinum black tea ferment is a natural grade fermentation of sweet black tea by the symbiosis of two micro-organisms. Bio-fermented kombucha black tea is designed to improve overall skin quality by enhancing skin smoothness, color, brightness, luster, transparency and radiance. Its composition is rich in organic acids and vitamins.