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Should you be using probiotic skincare?

Leveraging the power of natural fermentation – a bacteria-oriented process – is also a key feature of another notable player in the space, Orveda. Founded by former L'Oréal executive Sue Nabi, Orveda’s active ingredients are bio-fermented, enabling them to be better recognized and thereafter absorbed by the skin microbiome. The thinking: Bacteria likes bacteria.

Another thing bacteria likes? Prebiotics. Lesser known than their probiotic counterparts, prebiotics are the natural fibers that probiotics thrive on. Think of them as healthy fertilizers for the skin microbiome, fueling flourishing colonies of “good” bacteria; unsurprisingly, they’re a key feature in both Orveda and TULA. On her decision to use prebiotics, Nabi notes, “Orveda uses only prebiotics derived from the fermentation of Yukon fibers. They are considered ‘good’ food for the healthy bacteria that live on our skin. By feeding these on a daily basis, we promote the development of healthy bacteria.”

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