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Editorialist [Fall/Winter 18]

Editorialist [Fall/Winter 18]

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"If there is one brand that is ticking off every skin-care box of late, it's Orveda. Launched in May by founder Sue Nabi, the former longtime president of Lancome, the luxury range of highly effective vegan products utilizes a potent blend of active botanicals and fermented molecules which are delivered in doses ten to 50 times more concentrated than those found in other skin-care products, to help strengthen the skin's natural barrier and nuture the production of good bacteria. This September, the brand will unveil what it's calling the 'creme de la creme' of eye treatments, Eye Unveiler 422. A breakthrough formula, this highly-concentrated cream takes its name from the formulation's ground-breaking bio-identitcal lipids which are combined in such a way that that they actually mimic the exact structure of lipids needed to strengthen the superficial barrier of ageing skin. Targeting the entire eye area, including brows and lashes, it works to erase the tell-tale signs of aging and fatigue (dark circles, firmness and hollows), instantly rejuvenating the skin for a lasting eye-opening effect."

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