What does Orveda mean?

“Or” means at the “Origin of” and “Veda” because it is inspired by the Ayurvedic philosophy and science that states that the skin has the power to heal by itself. 

What does it do to my skin?

It will transform the appearance of the skin in such a visible way that you may be able to skip foundation if you choose to… Depending on the product, it will erase the appearance of visible pores, the appearance of uneven skin tones and fine lines; firm the appearance of facial contours; reduce visible redness, yellowness and dull patches; fight the appearance of olive tones (in Middle Eastern skins), ashy tones in dark skins, and, more over, will bring back healthy glow to your skin.

How does it work?

It actually works on 3 levels:

On level 1: The skin’s natural moisture barriers. Our unique formula combines a marine enzyme and natural prebiotic to help heal the skin’s natural moisture barriers and helps to promote healthy skin microflora.

On level 2: It literally acts as “make-up from within”, thanks to bio-fermented Kombucha black tea. Skin luminosity, skin transparency, superficial skin tones and visible skin texture are all visually improved.

On level 3: Depending on the product, it will help to correct all the visible flaws visible in your skin, including the appearance of fine lines, unevenness, visible pores, excess shine, superficial redness, the feel of dryness, rough skin, the appearance of contour definition and more…

What makes Orveda unique?

  • Orveda's products are highly concentrated. They work with immediate effect. We have built our formulas around actives and not around “just nice textures”. 
  • We offer a professional high-quality tool in every product.
  • Our products have cleaner formulations:
    • They do not contain parabens, nor phenoxyethanol.
    • No artificial colorants (the colour of our products is the natural colour of its ingredients or we use natural colourants).
    • No alcohol that dries out the skin.
    • We have replaced mineral oils with botanical oils.
    • And in all our cleansers, we have replaced sulfates with botanical cleansing agents that are not drying.
  • Our scent is made of rare Galbanum and is more expensive than traditional skincare fragrances.
  • Our formulations are VEGAN which means that they do not contain animal extracts and are not tested on animals (like the law in Europe requires).
  • Finally all Orveda packaging is made of Pure Glass that better protects our active formulations and we use less than 5% plastic.

What is inside? 

Orveda contains a lot of actives. Our signature mix is made of: 

  1. Natural Prebiotics that come from fermented potatoes and that, just like taking prebiotics for your gut, are designed to feed the good bacteria on your skin. 
  2. Bio-fermented marine enzymes, that come from deep inside the volcanic waters off the Californian coast, that, able to survive in such high temperatures, are designed to boost the healing of the moisture barrier of the skin. 
  3. Finally, bio-fermented Kombucha black tea, that acts like “make-up from within” and that comes from the bio-fermentation of black tea. It is known in Asia, for centuries, as “the long life beverage”. 

On top of these 3 signature ingredients, you will also find the best, state-of-the-art cosmetic actives depending on each product. 

Who has created this brand? 

Orveda has been created by Sue Y. Nabi and Nicolas Vu. Sue Y. Nabi was the CEO of both L’Oreal and Lancôme for 20 years and has created some of the most successful products in the world, including La vie est belle fragrance, Visionnaire and Genifique eye serums and more... She also championed diversity in beauty and beauty marketing by introducing the first brunettes (not only blondes) in shampoo advertisements; incorporating darker-skinned models in campaigns, as well as not only Hollywood celebrities but TV Stars too. 

Nicolas Vu is a hip-hop producer and a champion in many sport disciplines, including boxing and Judo. He is Orveda’s Chief Entertainment Officer. 

Have the results been clinically proven? 

Yes, we have invested in more than 20 clinical trials, on more than 300 people, and the proof/results are displayed on all our packaging and here.

Is Orveda a 100% natural organic brand? 

Orveda is not and does not want to be a 100% organic or a 100% natural brand. We wanted to create a skincare line that, first and foremost, delivers results - true efficiency - in a way that is cleaner, greener and vegan. At Orveda, we believe strongly in progress and, for us, using only natural ingredients goes against this thinking. In line with this philosophy, Orveda combines the best of Nature with the best of Science (specifically Biotechnology) - to which we add the best, most advanced and renowned cosmetic and dermatological molecules that are proven to be safe and effective for skin. We invested in creating formulations that are effective - ones that could rival irritant molecules like retinol or peels - yet are kind to skin and the environment, instead of simply creating natural products that can be made at home. 

We decided not to use only 100% natural-extracted ingredients for a few reasons: 

  • Many of them are not supported by strong, scientific and track-record studies and, when they are, they are recognized only as good moisturising and or nutritive ingredients. Using 100% natural-extracted ingredients - especially if and when used by an entire large-scale industry such as Beauty and Cosmetics - can have a detrimental if not dire impact on natural resources and their sustainability.  
  • Many natural ingredients are allergenic (essential oils, for example) and, in organic brands, for example, the main preservatives used are known to be irritating to the eye area. 

Instead, we looked to the cutting-edge of Science - the most modern biotechnologies - to use yeast and bacteria to naturally produce our actives, which can be re-produced to infinity in laboratories, with zero impact on the environment. 88% of Orveda’s actives come from a bio-fermented origin and 92% are natural origin actives, including the bio-fermented ones. We favour bio-fermentation as the main source of our actives because this is a sustainable, progressive way to produce natural yet effective ingredients - that deliver results. Our bio-fermented origin actives (also known as biotechnological actives) are backed by strong, scientific and track-record studies that prove their efficacy.

Why does Orveda not use retinol or fruit acids?

Orveda is all about strengthening the skin's barriers (including its good bacteria), and as a result, we have prevented ourselves from using irritating molecules for that reason.

What does it mean to be vegan in skincare?

Vegan means that the formulations have not been tested on animals and do not contain any animal extracts.

What is the difference between 'probiotic' and 'prebiotic'? 

‘Probiotic’ is the scientific name for bacteria. ‘Prebiotic’ can be considered a kind of ‘food’ for our good bacteria strains. All Orveda products contain only prebiotics. These are made from fermented potato fibers that are clinically proven to feed the good bacteria that live on our skin. By feeding the good bacteria that live on our skin with these fibers (in the same way that we feed the good bacteria in our gut with fibers from fruits and vegetables), we can strengthen our good bacteria and therefore can better protect our skin. Orveda does not use probiotics (i.e. ‘live’ bacteria) in any of our products owing to the fact that these cannot stay alive in formulations.

Are the products considered Halal?

Our products do not contain alcohol nor animal extracts, including pork extracts. 

Why don't you sell night creams?

We do not sell night creams because we feel that night creams are just a greasier version of day creams... We recommend using our highly concentrated overnight masques. If you prefer, you can also use our day cream at night, since it is also suitable for night usage i.e. AM + PM. 

How do you explain Orveda's pricing?

We believe our Orveda treatments are probably the best treatments in the world. They are the result of 25-years of expertise at the highest level - driven largely by the unique experience and expertise of Sue Y. Nabi, one of the world’s leading beauty industry CEOs (Sue was CEO of Lancôme and L’Oréal for 8 years). We believe Orveda is the best possible investment you can make in your skin. 

We spent three years developing our Orveda textures - using the latest science, skincare expertise and technology. This is a stark contrast to the time it typically takes to create skincare formulations (an average of 6 months between brief and production) and is testament to the time, energy, expertise and dedication we invested in creating a gentler yet powerful, greener yet efficient, vegan yet high-end skincare line - with clinically-proven results. 

In addition to our signature mix, Orveda is highly concentrated. Orveda products contain a high concentration of track-record actives, which means that, with each of our products, a little goes a long way. This high concentration relates to our double-cleansing cleansers too (which are traditionally active-free). 

Additionally, each product is gifted with a high-quality professional tool for deeper cleansing, self-massage and an overall holistic treatment.  

We took extra measures to protect the integrity and efficacy of our products. This includes our choice of glass bottles for our packaging, and, wherever possible, choosing greener, cleaner ingredients and materials, to ensure a high-end, efficient and enjoyable experience at every element in your Orveda experience.

Why does Orveda not have a SPF?

Because a good SPF needs time to be developed - and we are working on the best one yet. Watch this space.

What does genderless mean?

Genderless means that all our products can be used either by women (they are made for women) or men (they are strong enough for men’s skin). Our scent is neutral; the products are cleaner, greener, vegan; our textures are "raw", non-greasy and efficient so they will work on men’s thicker skins too. The tools add a great element of self-care (self-massage) and play.

Can I share my products with my husband/companion/son?

Yes, you can. This is also a way to “invest” smartly in Orveda . 

What is Galbanum?

Galbanum is rare plant that has a very unique scent that makes you feel like you are in a green forest... It has been used for centuries for its relaxing and soothing powers. Our unique scent was created by a master Parisian perfumer.