Biotic-Full Eyes™ Duo
Biotic-Full Eyes™ Duo

Biotic-Full Eyes™ Duo

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What it is

Our Biotic-Full Eyes™ Duo is a daily hydrating eye zone "makeover" that transforms and delivers a rested, youthful look to the entire eye area. It is designed to act on all the foundations that lie at the origin of a beautiful, fresher-looking eye zone, with both instant and lasting results. 

Augmented by 2 professional pin-point applicators for a clean application. 

Suitable for

All skin types including sensitive skins.
Post-procedure (P.P*).
Vegans (including those looking for cruelty-free alternatives).
Halal skincare users
All genders

What are the benefits

Our Under Eye Peach BB Mousse acts like a smoothing, eye-opening & brightening treatment, as well as dark shadows neutralizer. It visibly improves and conceals the appearance of (blue and brown) dark cirles, puffiness, while reducing skin roughness and dryness. 

Our Upper Lid Lift-Effect Cement improves skin texture & evenness. It irons creases and has lifting plus redness-neutralizing effects. It also softens skin texture and fights upper lid skin roughness and dryness, while decreasing visible signs of fatigue in the eye zone.

Proven results

Dermatologically-proven efficacy.

Our Under Eye Peach BB Mousse contains 11 actives that are smoothing, eye-opening & brightening (+16%)* and deeply hydrating (for 8hrs)**. It reduces (blue and brown) dark circles (-18%)*, puffiness (-25%)*, reduces skin roughness (-57%)* and dryness (-55%)*. 

Our Upper Lid Lift-Effect Cement contains 13 actives that iron creases (-16.9%)*, softens skin texture (+68%)*, fights upper lid skin roughness (-70%)* and dryness (-73%)* and decreases visible signs of fatigue in the eye zone (-5%)*.  

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control after 28 days of AM/PM usage, on 21 testers and 23 testers.

**Hydration test.


Highly-concentrated, Orveda's unique formula for our Under Eye Peach BB Mousse contains 11 actives.
The formula for Orveda's Upper Lid Lift-Effect Cement contains 13 actives.
Bio-fermented Kombucha black tea for comprehensive rejuvenation on skin tone and glow.
A natural prebiotic (Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide).
Marine enzyme (Thermus Thermophillus Ferment) to help the healing of the skin's natural moisture barrier.
Botanical Glycerin, Argan Oil, Almond Oil, 2 Hyaluronic Acids known for their nourishing & hydration effects.
Bisabolol, Plantago Lanceolata Extract known for their soothing effects.
Organic Oat Protein known for its visual lifting effects. 

What it’s formulated without

Animal extracts
Artificial colorants
Essential oils
Irritants such as fruit acids
Mineral Oils (except traces)

See full list of ingredients

Expert Reviews

"We felt there was room for another eye product, something that fused skincare with the instant effect of makeup, but crucially, without masking skin. Biotic Full Eyes Duo is exactly that, providing an instantly rested effect coupled with a potent mix of actives for long term results. It is perfect for anybody who is not yet ready for Orveda’s more intense eye remedies or simply those who do not like to wear a lot of makeup, nor have the time to apply it, and would like an alternative to heavy concealers."

– SUE Y NABI (Orveda Founder and CEO)

How to use it

Apply AM, on top of either our Eye Contour Botanical Gel or Eye Unveiler 422 Cream. Our Duo is a fabulous concealer setter and eye shadow base plus fixer. You can also apply it in the PM, if you want to wake up with a refreshed gaze.


Follow our "Eye lifting & brightening" routine.

We suggest you cleanse your eyes by using our Eye Make-Up Remover & Pro-Fortifying Lash Serum. Post-cleansing your entire face, within 3 minutes, apply The Healing Sap™ as a soothing, pre-care treatment. Follow with either our Eye Contour Botanical Gel or Eye Unveiler 422, and, as the final step of your routine, use our Biotic-Full Eyes™ Duo.

Application of Under Eye Brightening BB Mousse with pinpoint applicator:

- Apply in the inner corner of the under eye, sweeping outwards slightly in one fluid motion.
- With ring finger, smooth gently back and forth, supporting the eye and keeping the skin taught, until absorbed.

Application of Upper Lid Lift-Effect Cement with pinpoint applicator:

- Apply in the inner corner of the upper lid, sweeping outwards slightly in one fluid motion.
- With ring finger, smooth upwards and outwards until absorbed.

For optimum skin preparation, apply our Firm Brew Botanical Cream to both face and neck, using our Zamak pro tool for a cryo-massage. For additional support for areas of concern, apply our Ironing Effect Masque with our professional flat brush.

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