Tool-­augmented, double cleansing

With a range of textures to choose from - green powders that turn to foam, rich oils to milks - Orveda’s vegan cleansers are all highly­-concentrated and accompanied with a unique professional tool for healthy, daily self-massage.

The Healing Sap™

A hybrid between a toner and serum, The Healing Sap™ is our all-in-one glow shot, skin reseter, skin equaliser and is designed to act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria on your skin. It is the exceptional, restorative liquid care that sits at the heart of the Orveda range.

Eye + lash rejuvenation

Combining a high concentration of actives with botanical ingredients in products that are both innovative and boast immediate effects, Orveda’s exceptional eye and lash care is designed to act on all the foundations that lie at the origin of a beautiful, healthy-looking eye zone.

Iron, firm + glow

Two of Orveda’s iconic products. For immediate ironing, firming, lifing and contouring effects — with lasting power and glowing results.

Nourish, firm + glow

This powerful collection — comprising an intensively healing 8h moisturiser, a dewy glow botanical oil and a bio-fermented, cream-oil, leave-on masque — is Orveda’s solution to replenishing and hydrating skin, while improving skin luminosity. 

Mattify, firm + glow

Introducing our 8h hyaluronic gel moisturizer, a 5-minute bio-fermented moisturizing mud masque and a botanical poultice that have been designed to minmise the appearance of visible pores, imperfections & post-imperfections superficial marks, while regulating shine.

Brighten, even + glow

An intensive overnight, no-rinse-required treatment that can be used daily. Penetrating instantly, it illuminates, brightens the appearance of skin tone, visibly activates skin transparency and significantly helps even uneven skintones, visible pores and fine lines.

Skin Recovery, Anti-Dehydration + Glow

Bringing back (and locking in) moisture for every skin type (including sensitive, dry, very dry or compromised skins), these pro-recovery treatments will help to aid hydration, preserve skin’s natural moisture and help to prevent natural moisture loss, including night dehydration. They also help to fade skin’s visible fatigue signs, smoothen dehydration signs and restore skin’s glow for a dewy-fresh look. Both products are fantastic make-up bases and post-makeup-removal skin healers.

Sun-kissed glow

Helping to fight hydration and the visible signs of skin fatigue, these highly-active products work to restore and revitalise skin energy and instantly boost skin tone and luminosity. 

Orveda To Go™

Our nifty, bespoke offering is designed specifically with an understand of the toil travel takes on skin as well as differing skin needs in contrasting hemispheres and climates.

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