Orveda in the press

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US Vogue [APRIL '18]

Breaking news of Orveda's US launch, American Vogue introduces Orveda as the brand about to "spark a self-healing skincare revolution."

Vogue MAN Netherlands [APRIL '18]

Vogue MAN introduces its readers to the 'Tesla' of skincare, Orveda, and highlights Sue Y Nabi's inspiration behind her fearless, green brand.

Ela Magazine [MARCH '18]

Ela, the weekly supplement of Brazil's largest newspaper, O Globo, covers the story of Orveda founder, Sue Y Nabi: "the new pope of global beauty".

Glamour [MARCH '18]

It's not just a diet, but a growing beauty movement, with 54 million Insta hashtags. Orveda chimes in on why vegan skincare should be the new normal.

Tatler [MARCH '18]

No, they're not just good for your gut. Orveda's The Prebiotic Emulsion makes the cut as skincare that feeds the healthy bacteria on your face.

Because Magazine [MARCH '18]

Sue Y Nabi is interviewed on Orveda's unique "works with your skin, not against it" approach": inspired by ancient wisdoms, fused with bio-tech possibilities.

Cosmetic Business [MARCH '18]

Hot off the press! Cosmetic Business reviews the imminent launch of Orveda's latest innovation: The Prebiotic Emulsion.

Red Magazine [MARCH '18]

Orveda founder Sue Y Nabi opens up to Annabel Meggeson to share her personal story with Red Magazine.

Tatler [FEB '18]

Orveda's tool-augmented, vegan treatments makes the Tatler cut as one of the best facials in London.

NellyRodi [F/W 19-20]

Nelly Rodi interviews Sue Y Nabi about radical positivity, inspiration and her thoughts about the future of beauty.

Stella Magazine [FEB 18]

Orveda's Botanical Booster is included in The Telegraph's Stella Magazine article entitled "Invest in the Best".

Glamour UK [FEB 18]

Our Clay Mud Powder - which turns to a milky green foam - made Glamour's cut into an article on the effects of milk on skin...

The Observer [JAN 18]

"Wave a bitter farewell to 'anti-ageing' products and say hello to 'anti-pollution'." The Observer highlights the new luxury: Clean.

Wallpaper* Magazine [JAN 18]

Orveda wins its very first award: The Wallpaper* Magazine Design Award 2018 for Best Skincare.

Cosmetics Business [JAN 18]

Cosmetics Business explains the importance of prebiotics for a healthy skin and shines its spotlight on Orveda as a luxury brand leading the charge.

Cosmetics Business Trend Report [JAN 18]

In their trend report, Cosmetics Business highlights the rise of clean, "inside-out", health-conscious beauty - with brands like Orveda putting cleanliness + health above all else.

Stella Magazine [JAN 18]

The Sunday Telegraph's Stella Magazine includes Orveda in a round-up of 18 products & beauty trends to look forward to in 2018.

Vogue Japan [DEC 17]

Big in Japan? Soon, we hope. Vogue Japan introduces & highlights Sue Y Nabi's innovative approach to skincare and beauty.

FT How to Spend It [NOV 17]

Probiotics is the buzzword of the beauty world... Reporting for Financial Times' How To Spend It, Vicci Bentley explains why it's time to feed our face...

Psychologies [DEC 17]

Adding hefty credibility to The Healing Sap, Eminé Rushton breaks her 100% natural rule to include our all-in-one glow shot as an "exceptional exception".

Vogue Brasil [NOV 17]

Bruno Astuto interviews "megaexecutiva" Sue Y. Nabi on her genre-defying, gender-neutral line, Orveda, which he refers to as "the brand of the moment".

Glamour Italia [NOV 17]

In an issue highlighting women empowerment, Nina Verdelli conducts an intimate and in-depth interview with Sue Y. Nabi.


Introducing Sue Y. Nabi's innovative range to Spain, L'Officiel explain the concept of "Healthy is the New Sexy" with a review of Orveda - and a new era of "works with your skin, not against it" skincare.


French Elle names Sue Y Nabi as one of three founders of small, 'disruptor' beauty brands that are set to change the face and future of the industry.​​

Sloane Square Mag [Nov 17]

Sloane Square Mag introduces readers to Orveda: "the must-have new skincare brand launched by beauty legend, Sue Y Nabi."

Paris Vogue [NOV 17]

Paris Vogue highlights 9 skincare saviours that work with skin to heal it from within. Quotes from Sue Y Nabi and our star product, The Healing Sap, are featured.

Marie Claire UK [NOV 17]

In a round-up of 10 "under-the-radar" new beauty brands you should know about, Marie Claire UK highlights Orveda as "The Healthy One". Read why.

Les Echos Week-End [OCT 17]

Les Echos features Orveda in a round-up of beauty products that follow food and fashion in terms of adopting the latest growing trend: Veganism.

Get The Gloss [OCT 17]

Get The Gloss puts the best eyelash serums to the test - including Orveda's Eye Make-Up Remover & Pro-Fortifying Lash Serum.

Figaro Madame [OCT 17]

Orveda makes the cut as a healthy choice to form part of a green beauty routine.

Tatler [SEPT 17]

The Healing Sap features in Jennifer George's round-up of stellar skin savers.

Harper's Bazaar Online [SEPT 17]

Orveda scores the top spot on Harper's Bazaar's "Beauty Find of the Day"

Get The Gloss [SEPT 17]

Get The Gloss rates Orveda's Eye Contour Botanical Gel as one of the best products on the market for de-puffing puffy eyes.

Refinery29 [Sept 17]

Refinery29 UK include Orveda's Visibly Brightening & Skin Perfecting Masque as a sure-fire way to enjoy glowing skin, even in winter.

Women's Health [SEPT 17]

Women's Health "breaks open the bathroom cabinet of a skincare pro" to peek inside Sue Y Nabi's go-to beauty essentials.

Town & Country USA [SEPT 17]

News of Sue Y. Nabi's latest venture - as the "Tesla of Skincare" - spreads West to the States with a sweet, green mention in Town & Country.

GQ [SEPT 17]

GQ includes Orveda's The Healing Sap into their weekly round-up of the best new grooming products to hit the shelves - globally.

Le Figaro [AUG 17]

Ex-CEO of Lancôme and L'Oréal Sue Y Nabi launches Orveda and champions a new era: of working with, not against, skin

Paris Vogue [AUG 17]

After 20 years at L'Oréal, Sue Nabi launches new-age, luxury, vegan brand: Orveda. Paris Vogue reports.

Madame Figaro [AUG 17]

[FRENCH]: Madame Figaro pens a brilliant article on the inspiration, vision and green dreams of Sue Y. Nabi.

The Daily Telegraph [AUG 17]

Probiotics could be the answer to solving problem skin. Sonia Haria looks at the growing popularity of a new kind of beauty product.

Women's Health UK [AUG 17]

Women's Health UK scores The Healing Sap 5/5 for its top-notch results in effectively getting your glow on.

AnOther Magazine [AUG 17]

As Hannah Tindle says: What Sue Y. Nabi doesn’t know about skincare isn’t worth knowing. AnOther Magazine gathers some essential insider knowledge.

Clearly Magazine [JUL 17]

Clearly Magazine shines the light on Orveda offering a range based on a vision of health as opposed to anti-ageing.

Cosmetique Magazine [JUL 17]

An in-depth review of the return of Sue Y Nabi by one the industry's leading publications.

British Vogue [Jul 2017]

Vogue gives the thumbs up on Orveda: a "landmark" skincare brand from Sue Y. Nabi, "the inspirational former head of Lancôme and L'Oréal".

Financial Times China [JUN 17]

The Financial Times highlights Orveda as one of “the new beauty disruptors”: clever start-ups shaking the giants of the global cosmetic industry.

Financial Times [Jun 17]

The Financial Times highlights Orveda as one of “the new beauty disruptors”: clever start-ups shaking the giants of the global cosmetic industry.

WWD [JUN 17]

In a worldwide exclusive, industry authority WWD breaks the silence and the story of Orveda - and Sue Y. Nabi's comeback. Jennifer Weil reports.