What is Vegan Skincare? 

Vegan skincare is skincare that does not contain any animal extracts, and neither the products nor the actives are tested on animals. 

A great deal of skincare today is formulated with lanoline derived from sheep, caviar from fish, beeswax and honey from bees and even probiotics from silkworms. It’s important to note that natural skincare can use natural animal extracts such as the above, but this does not make it vegan. This is a key differentiator, which highlights that “natural” does not necessarily mean “vegan”. 

Why Orveda Creates Vegan Skincare Alternatives

Producing environmentally friendly products, augmented with clean and green formulas, has remained a vital goal of CEO and Founder Sue Y. Nabi since its founding days:

“We always say that Orveda is a “work with the skin, not against it” skincare range. We decided to go vegan because we wanted to work “with, not against” animals. For us, there is absolutely no need to use animal origin actives and we felt that it was a good moment to send a message to the world about the fact that we should respect the animal kingdom and work harder to produce environmentally friendly products.

It took us 3 years to develop a vegan skincare line because most of the ingredients available are not vegan, including fillers (that allow us to create really nice textures) that are all from animal origins. We had to find vegan options for many of the usual skincare ingredients to compose clean and green formulas.”

What are the Benefits of Vegan Skincare? 

Since a lot of animal origin actives can be allergenics, vegan skincare is generally less invasive. Even from a more global health perspective, vegan skincare eliminates the potential for diseases coming from animal origin actives.

For the environment, it is evident that not using animal extracts is much more sustainable for all parts of earth’s ecosystem. With wellness dominating most of the health narrative, people are looking for new, clean and green formulas.

Overall, using green biotechnology and producing environmentally friendly products is a founding pillar to Orveda, feeding into their clean and green ethos. 

What Makes Orveda Clean, Green and Vegan?

Each ethical yet efficient, environmentally friendly product produced through green biotechnology at Orveda is…


Through high concentrations of track-record cosmetic actives; proven in 20 clinical testings. 


Clean and green formulas are designed without:

              • No parabens
              • No phenoxyethanol
              • No artificial colourants
              • No sulfates, no soap
              • No alcohol
              • No irritating actives like fruit acids
              • No mineral oils 


Using only recyclable glass bottles alongside:

              • A limited use of plastic components to <5%
              • Sustainably sourced packaging
              • FSC-certified paper
              • Water-based inks for all lacquering

Together, through the science of green biotechnology, Orveda continues to aim for ultimate biocompatibility while respecting all skin types, even the most sensitive in a highly more efficient way versus the next leading, non-vegan brand – many of which use active ingredients that generate irritation or long term damage to the body (ex: phenoxyethanol which is carcinogenic).

Orveda’s cutting edge,  green biotechnology meets nature’s intuitive intelligence to produce vegan, clean and green formulas, making up a wide range of environmentally friendly products. The outcome? Long term results from skin to soil.

Should you have any questions about Orveda’s clean, green and vegan skin care products, speak with one of our skin care experts directly and experience an Orveda skin care consultation. 

*Veganism is not to be confused with vegetarianism: the practice of abstaining from meat, fish and other by-products of animal slaughter.

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