Rooted in ‘The Science of Glow,’ Orveda prides itself in producing skincare that activates and boosts skin’s natural radiance while rejuvenating and healing the skin barrier

This promise is made possible through targeting three main principles. In doing so, Orveda skincare suits specific needs: from anti-aging skincare to no make-up skincare and all others in between.

Principle 1: The Microbiome, Skin’s Super Potent Natural Barrier

A glowing skin is, before all, a healthy skin barrier. When the skin barrier is compromised, bad bacteria can enter and cause hard-to-tackle problems such as dehydration, acne, hyper-sensitivity, redness – all of which lead to a dull and lack-luster skin tone. This paves the way for skincare that is designed to act on the origin of deflecting such compromises, making way for Orveda’s bio-fermented marine enzyme, designed to: 

      • – Reinforce skin’s natural barrier.
      • – Prevent the visible signs of photoaging like spots, wrinkles, and dryness.
      • – Improve skin moisture and corneocyte cohesion.
      • – Protect cells from UV damage.

When the skin barrier is full of healthy bacteria, it is strong and resilient, therefore making it harder for bad bacteria to take hold. With the continued use of Orveda’s skincare essentials, composed of bio-fermented marine enzymes, rejuvenating and maintaining a healthy skin barrier is made possible.

Principle 2: Skin Tone, Transparency & Luminosity

Improving skin’s freshness and rosiness results in a ‘make-up from within’ glow, whereby the skin tone is visibly brighter and the skin barrier is healthier thanks to the use of bio-fermented Kombucha.

Bio-fermented Kombucha black tea increases adipocytes, fat cells that are lost as one ages. With less adipocytes comes a sallow or sunken look – with more, a plump look. By increasing the production of adipocytes, skin becomes firmer and fuller.

Rich in organic acids and vitamins, bio-fermented Kombucha black tea surpasses just plumpness by also improving overall skin quality by:

      • – Enhancing skin smoothness.
      • – Evening skin tone.
      • – Boosting skin glow, luster & transparency.
      • – Activating radiance and achieving a glowing skin. 

Feeding the skin barrier with its appropriate nutrients is the secret to achieving glowing skin.


Principle 3: The Visible Signs of Youth

Skin concerns such as wrinkles, breakouts, redness, large pores and lack of firmness are what Orveda considers ‘light traps.’ They inhibit light from bouncing evenly off skin, affecting the skin barrier which has an overall contribution to a dull appearance or less glowing skin

By harnessing state of the art technology, Orveda focusses on active ingredients at the highest concentrations found in skincare, for visible results without negative side effects nor the need for make-up – think anti-aging skincare meets no make-up skincare


The Science of Glow is the foundation of each of Orveda’s glow activating products. By investing in powerful yet sensitive skin friendly products, you can restore your skin’s health and embark upon a glowing skin future. 

Should you have any questions about Orveda’s anti-aging skincare or no-make-up skincare, speak with one of our skin care experts directly and experience an Orveda skin care consultation.

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