What comes to mind when you think of skin-boosting powerhouses, perfect for eye-care?
Maybe you’re familiar with the soothing properties of niacinamide, the damage limitation provided by antioxidants or the strengthening benefits of prebiotics, but are you as aware of the power of ceramides for eye-care?

What are Ceramides?

Our skin’s barrier is composed of cells surrounded by essential lipids that have a direct impact on how skin prevents external irritants but also moisture loss. These lipids are composed of 50% ceramides which deplete with aging. In fact, by the time you turn 40, skin has lost about 60% of its natural ceramides content.
As large molecules, ceramides do not penetrate the skin easily, which is why it is essential to ensure our skin continues to produce its own ceramides, naturally, with some external support that is also sensitive-skin friendly.

Why are Ceramides the Best Anti-Aging Ingredient?

Not only are ceramides one of the most expensive skincare ingredients out there, but arguably they are the number one active anti-aging ingredient to add to your skincare regimen for long-term regenerative results.
In short, in replenishing your ceramide levels with formulas that utilize this formula, your skin will find itself rejuvenated.
This anti-aging ingredient will also keep skin hydrated and nurtured so it’s able to prevent irritational damage, minimize dullness, and essentially ensure the longevity of skin’s glow future, including the natural glow around the eye contour and gaze.

Why Ceramides are Crucial for your Eye Contour?

Lipid producing skin glands are found at a quantity of approximately 400-900 per cm2, however, ceramide levels around the eye contour zone are naturally much lower than the rest of our face. Infact, you only have about 65 per eye, which explains why the eye contour is naturally the first area to show signs of aging and tend to be more sensitive and prone to irritation.
Skin barrier threats like stripping sulfates, inflammatory acids, sun exposure and even hot water, alongside their natural depletion means keeping ceramide levels topped up with your eye care regime is an essential step in any routine, particularly if you are looking for firming, youth-activating benefits.

The Ideal Ceramide-Infused Eye Contour

Introducing The Eye Unveiler 422™

This do-it-all eye contour and overall eye care formula is augmented with a biomimetic ratio of 4% sterols, 2% fatty acids and 2% ceramides, a composition that is identical to that of healthy skin and is therefore instantly recognised, absorbed by skin.

This innovative blend strengthens and densifies the delicate eye contour and is clinically-proven to:

      • Visibly minimize the appearance of fine lines (-23%)*
      • Visibly minimize the appearance of hollowness (-12.6%)*
      • Boost overall skin luminosity (+24%)*
      • Firm the appearance of lid skin by +11.8%*

Alongside providing an overall boost to lash and brow growth for a total eye contour zone makeover, suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin!

Aging is a natural process, but the anti-aging ingredient, ceramide, helps to deter this process, slowing down its effect while enforcing optimal eye care, making it a skincare essential for all.


Should you have any questions about Orveda eye care products, speak with one of our skin care experts directly and experience a consultation.

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control, after 28 days of PM usage, and at home usage test on 21 testers.

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