With its unrivaled skin brightening powers, this effective skincare ingredient is changing the game of skincare.  

This alternative is 6x more effective than Vitamin C and 60x more effective than Kojic Acid. Better yet, this effective skincare ingredient is the result of a completely natural biological reaction that takes place in your skin microbiome. 

This is: patented derivative of Gallic Acid.

What is Vitamin C?

For years, Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that aids in your skin in its natural skin cell regeneration process, has been the gold standard of skin brightening ingredients.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

Widely known for its antioxidant benefits, studies have shown this cult ingredient can boost collagen, treat UV exposure photo-damage, assist in skin brightening and smooth skin tone.

However, there has always been one problem with Vitamin C in skincare, and that is its stability. Exposure to air, heat and/or light may slowly degrade Vitamin C, meaning less effective results.

So what is the most effective skincare ingredient that can also remain stable?

Orveda’s Derivative of Gallic Acid: The clinically proven, efficient skincare ingredient alternative

Gallic Acid is a biological active derived from herbs and yielded for its anti-fungal, anti-viral and antioxidant properties. It’s typically found in gallnuts, sumac, witch hazel, tea leaves, oak bark, and other plants, making it a natural formula with long term stability – an excellent base for Orveda’s derivative. 

Our skincare that utilizes this Gallic Acid derivative is clinically proven to:

            • Brighten the appearance of skin tone*
            • Significantly help diminish uneven skin tones* 
            • Reduce the look of visible pores, fine lines and dark spots*

How does Galic Acid work?

Orveda’s  incredibly expensive derivative of Gallic Acid, worth thousands of dollars per kilo, has an incredible brightening effect thanks to a unique biological reaction.

On application, the good bacteria found in a healthy skin microbiome ‘eats’ the Gallic Acid derivative to produce a new molecule – this by-product is also known as a postbiotic. 

Which Orveda product features Gallic Acid?

This effective skincare ingredient can be found in the Visibly Brightening & Skin Perfecting Masque.

Composed of niacinamide, another well-known skin brightening ingredient & Orveda’s signature mix of prebiotics, marine enzymes and bio-fermented Kombucha black tea, pumping the skin microbiome full of good bacteria to ensure this biological reaction takes place efficaciously and efficiently has never been easier.

Infact, results and efficiency proved such immense changes that 100% of testers would recommend it to a friend.*

Unrivaled, gallic acid continues to shine as the most effective skincare ingredients when it comes to skin brightening. Activate your glow and go from a dull to beaming complexion by working with your skin, not against it. 

Should you have any questions about Orveda’s effective skincare ingredients or skin essentials, speak with one of our skin care experts directly and experience an Orveda skin care consultation. 

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control, after 28 days of PM usage, and at home usage test on 21 testers.


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