Full coverage make-up is out, cutting-edge skin care that achieves a natural skin glow is in.

As soon as you turn 30, regardless of your skin color, your skin undertone changes, losing its healthy, rosy tint. After accumulating sugar over the years, eventually, a reaction occurs leading to sagging skin and decreased microcirculation, meaning a more diluted, yellow shade of natural skin, and an urge to use more make-up. 

Traditionally, skin glow, vibrancy and an even skin tone could only be achieved by masking skin with make-up. Discover how Orveda changed this notion with pioneering skin care science.

How Does Orveda Push Natural Skin Glow?

Just how make-up producers look at skin undertones to match foundation, Orveda uses its own natural matching process by approaching natural skin glow through its undertones. 

Under the leading eye of CEO and Founder Sue Y. Nabi, Orveda has harnessed the most state-of-the-art skin care technology, to create clinically proven formulas that achieve the brightening effect.

With a blend of highly-concentrated actives, a signature mix of prebiotic & marine enzymes, plus bio-fermented Kombucha black tea, each Orveda product brings skin care to new heights by altering your skin undertone.

And with summer officially here, warmer temperatures are even more of a reason to skip heavy make-up formulations. Discover Sue Y. Nabi’s favorite innovative skin care products that act like make-up.

Achieve the Brightening Effect with this Natural Eye Contour

For a glowing total gaze rejuvenation, the Eye Unveiler 422™ is the ultimate make-up replacement.

This does-it-all eye care product is perfect for achieving untapped natural skin glow, rooted in working with your skin’s undertone:

  • Strengthens and densifies the delicate eye area
  • Visibly minimizes the appearance of fine lines (-23%*)
  • Diminishes the appearance of hollowness (-12.6%*)
  • Elevated luminosity and natural skin glow (+24%*)
  • Provides an immediate tightening & brightening effect
  • Firms the appearance of lid skin while boosting lash and brow growth

As a make-up replacement, it enables you to swap in a handful of eye products for just one.

Hello Natural Skin Glow Shot with Orveda’s 2-in-1 Tonic + Serum

At Orveda, we call The Healing Sap™ the ‘glow shot,’ and you only have to try it once to realize why:

  • Fortified with Seaweed Extract to stimulate and energize skin
  • Featuring Papaya Enzyme for a brightening effect
  • Visibly improves natural skin glow
  • Boosts skin hydration by +80%*
  • Fades signs of skin fatigue -45%*

Working with your skin undertone, The Healing Sap™ is truly not just a regular make-up replacement, but way better.

With make-up, you have endless ways to fake a ‘natural’ skin glow: highlighters, blushes, glossy foundations… But, with The Healing Sap™, say goodbye to that ‘natural’ yet fake skin glow and master the art of consistent, long term, healthy skin luminosity.

Foundation Could Never Achieve Such Natural Skin Glow Results

So how does The Visibly Glowing & Skin Perfecting Masque achieve the ultimate brightening effect? Thanks to its formula consisting of a natural derivative of Gallic Acid. 

On application, the good bacteria found in a healthy skin microbiome ‘eats’ the Gallic Acid derivative to produce a new molecule – a postbiotic – 6x more effective than Vitamin C and 60x more effective than Kojic Acid when it comes to skin brightening, making it the perfect make-up replacement

It’s a must-have for creating a more even skin undertone, allowing you to skip applying make-up like foundation or concealer in the long-term, all while helping to diminish uneven tones, visible pores, fine lines and dark spots in the most natural way possible.

Make-up can only get your skin so far. Orveda can get it further. Achieve the long lasting natural skin glow you’re dreaming of and say hello to natural make-up replacements that put skin care first.

Should you have any questions about Orveda  skin care products, speak with one of our skin care experts directly and experience an Orveda skin care consultation. 

*Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control, after 28 days of PM usage, and at home usage test on 21 testers.

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