There are many forms of skin ageing that occur naturally and gradually throughout our lives, but a key trigger of this is the decrease in the hormones oestrogen and progesterone that occurs as we approach menopause. As they decline, our natural ageing accelerates, with a reduction in collagen production, loss of volume, firmness as well as overall glow and vitality.

Early menopause or the ‘peri-menopause’ can be anywhere between a 3-5 year period leading up to the menopause, when you may begin to notice the above signs in your skin. Some Orveda clients also report almost ‘teen’ concerns with their skin as hormones are disrupted, causing blemishes and changes in skin sensitivity.

To support your skin through this life chapter, we recommend the following routine:

Clay Mud Cleansing Powder

Benefits: Balancing, Detoxing, Exfoliating

Results: A gentle, non-drying yet effective cleanser to remove make-up and daily environmental impurities from the skin to reveal soft, purified skin.

The Healing Sap™

Benefits: Brightening, Energising, Hydrating

Results: Our serum-tonic hybrid reboots skin’s vitality that is lost as we age – delivering an 80% improvement in hydration; 30% increase in brightness and 20% smoother skin.

Eye Unveiler 422™

Benefits: Firming, Illuminating, Smoothing

Results: Our natural ceramide levels decrease as we age; reducing our skin’s ability to retain hydration as the natural moisture barrier is weakened. Our Eye Unveiller 422™ contains bio-identical lipids in 4% sterols, 2% ceramide, and 2% essential fatty acids concentration to strengthen the skin’s superficial barrier and reduce moisture loss. Dryness is improved by 67%, fine lines reduced by 23%, and upper lids are firmed by 11.8%.

Sheer Brew Botanical Gel

Benefits: Lifting & Firming, Hydrating, Glow-inducing

Results: Our intensive, yet lightweight, Sheer Brew Botanical Gel has anti-ageing correcting properties to lift and firm, whilst intensely hydrating. Facial contours are firmed by 44%, hydration is boosted by 42% and natural, healthy glow is increased by 73%.

Botanical Poultice

Benefits: Regulating, Refining, Balancing

Results: Our topical Botanical Poultice Imperfections Minimizer can be applied to visibly reduce the appearance of imperfections by 12% and refine enlarged pores by 52%, all while boosting the skin’s natural glow by 23%. A combination of 10 actives, including brightening papaya enzyme and sebum-balancing Pink Lilac extract – this creamy, serum-texture poultice is the perfect weapon in your monthly skincare arsenal to apply when you need it most.

Visibly Brightening and Skin Perfecting Masque

Benefits: Skin toning, brightening, smoothing

Results: If you are noticing signs of dullness and loss of vitality in your skin our overnight, active masque treatment can help restore a natural luminosity and healthy glow to your complexion come morning. Tackling fine lines, visible pores and uneven texture – skin tone is rebalanced and smoothed, with a 15.8% improvement in brightness and 10% increase in rosy skin tones, while yellow (8.7%) and olive tones (14.7%)  are reduced.

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