Recent studies show that over 60% of the population now count their skin type as sensitive.

Do you have Sensitive Skin or Sensitized Skin

Whether its redness, flakiness, peeling, itching or a burning sensation, signs of skin irritation are becoming increasingly prevalent. 

However, what most people experience is a slightly similar skin condition called sensitized skin – which Orveda has the cure to.

What Exactly is Sensitive Skin and Sensitized Skin?

Sensitive skin, according to leading dermatologists, is a rare skin condition that one is usually born with. Redness, flakiness, peeling, itching or burning sensations, fall more into the sensitized skin category. 

Sensitized skin is triggered by several lifestyle factors, including your alcohol consumption, diet and exercise.

Plus, with harsh actives such as retinol and fruit acids being widely available, overdoing it with your at-home skincare has also increased the likelihood of reactive, sensitized skin. Thankfully, it can be controlled. 

As Founder Sue Y. Nabi states, ‘Before starting to understand the importance of our microbiome, beauty regimes were all about aggressing the skin and its superficial barriers to get ‘forced’ results. This has led to a generation of sensitized skin types, where the skin barrier is compromised and therefore acting out with the same symptoms you expect to see from genetic sensitive skin.”

With Sue Y. Nabi at the lead, Orveda’s soothing skincare solutions can help overcome sensitized skin, even while adhering to sensitive skin types.

It Starts with an Effective Cleanser

While each skin type has different needs, the basis of a good cleanser remains the same: it has to be gentle yet effective.

Unfortunately, many currently used cleansing favorites are composed of high levels of alcohol, soap and/or foaming agents that remove skin’s natural oils, unbalancing its pH.

We now know that when skin’s microbiome is compromised, it becomes weak and more prone to irritation, redness and flaking, hence the need for a gentle skincare cleanser that doesn’t compromise on efficiency.

Goodbye Harsh Skincare Actives and Disrupting Ingredients 

Skin that is constantly feeling tight, dry, flaky or hot are all signs of inflammation, as is sensitive or reactive skin. Feeling a ‘tingle’ doesn’t necessarily mean the product is working, it can mean it’s irritating. Swap in some soothing skincare formulas. 

At this point skin – and its microbiome – need time to recover so take this opportunity to feed it with skin strengthening prebiotics, found in all Orveda products, to strengthen and leave skin more resilient.

Soothing Skincare Formulas are Key

‘Orveda is the first brand to use prebiotics in clean formulations, which do not cause harm to the skin microbiome. We do not use alcohol, artificial colorants, sulfates or phenoxyethanol – an ingredient highly present in the next leading luxury brand’s ‘clean skincare’ product.” – Sue Y Nabi 

Lightweight, liquid formulas work best on compromised skin. Introduce Orveda’s soothing skincare formulas into your routine and let the results speak for themselves:


A gentle, multi-tasking moisturizer, serum and weekly intensive hydration treatment perfect for sensitive and sensitized skin


A soothing skincare solution for a detoxifying, make-up removal and deeply, microbiome penetrating, illuminating care


A double cleansing, make-up remover & exfoliator for all skin types. 


A soothing, overnight daily facial with leave-on infusion properties for the ultimate microbiome restoration.


Should you have any questions about how to construct the best sensitized skin routine, or skincare suited to sensitive skin types, please don’t hesitate to contact our Orveda Concierge directly: our 5-star skin service that is at hand to answer all your burning skincare questions.

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