Maintain smooth and even skin texture with our steps for deep-cleansing oil control, featuring Orveda’s new Deep-Clearing Mud Masque.

One of the greatest enemies of skin’s natural glow and evenness is the bumpy texture caused by blackheads and enlarged pores. This uneven texture can make skin look dull because it doesn’t reflect light as well as skin that is hydrated, firm and smooth.

Blackheads are caused by excess sebum (oil) production, predominantly on the t-zone area. When oily skin is not efficiently cleansed, this excess oil sits in the pores, stretching it so that the pore becomes enlarged and more visible. When it comes into contact with the air, the excess sebum in the pore oxidises and turns black in colour.

Genetics plays a huge part in sebum production and pore size, however factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, pollution particles, harsh cleansers or exfoliation, occlusive makeup bases (rich in silicone), poor make-up removal and a diet rich in fatty foods can increase the amount of oil skin produces. While blackheads cannot be removed permanently, they can be minimized and maintained to ensure skin retains a smooth texture.

A very simple approach to blackhead removal at home is a 10-minute vapour bath. The heat expands and dilates pores to make extraction of the blockage easier to push. Typical extraction tools can in fact cause further damage to skin, such as micro tears and broken capillaries, so it is best to use finger tips and gently press.

If you squeeze too close to the pore, you may squeeze the blockage further into the pore, causing a break out, so it is best to place fingers slightly wider and gently push underneath the pore.

While blackheads cannot be removed completely and pores will not magically disappear, it is very simple to manage them so that they are minimized and visibly reduced. Incorporating a blackhead-targeting routine once or twice a week, depending on skin’s oiliness, will ensure that oil production is controlled and any sebum build up in the pores is efficiently removed.

Follow the below steps for a more intense treatment that is at the same time gentle and kind to skin.

Step 1: Mildly Exfoliate

A common instinct is to scrub at skin with imperfections, however this irritates and causes further inflammation and uneven skin tone. A mild exfoliator such as Orveda Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder, coupled with its soft Konjac sponge is an excellent pore cleanser,  eliminating daily pollution accumulated on skin, as well as make-up residue, and gently polishing skin for a smoother texture.

Step 2: Deep Cleanse

Incorporating a deep facial cleanse into your routine is essential for controlling blackheads and excess sebum production. Orveda’s new Deep-Clearing Mud Masque contains green bentonite clay, a mineral found in volcanic ash that binds to bacteria and toxins to remove them. Reinventing the most ancient skincare remedy, our new cleansing face mask contains our signature mix of marine enzyme, natural prebiotics and bio-fermented kombucha along with botanical glycerin, botanical oils and bamboo water, which all hydrate and nourish skin so it is not left dry and tight. Remove our Deep-Clearing Mud Masque with a wet towel or lukewarm water after 5 minutes.

Step 3: Hydrate

Maintaining hydration within oily skin is key, as dry, dehydrated skin will work hard to produce even more oil, however choosing the right product is essential as some hydrators can cause blemish-prone skin to break out. The Orveda Botanical Poultice Imperfections Minimizer is ideal for combination or oily skins designed to minimise shine, soothe face blemishes and help with post blemish redness or hyper pigmentation. It contains actives such as shea butter, pink lilac extract, papaya enzyme, green lentil extract to provide essential hydration, sebum control and brightening.


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