Fragrance-free has boomed in recent years across the beauty industry, including everything from shower gels to make-up and, most notably, skincare. Whether natural or synthetic, fragranced formulations continue to receive a bad rap for being a common cause of allergic skin reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin types. But you only have to go to your nearest beauty hall to see just how much we all love our beauty products to smell good, especially skincare. When formulating Orveda, founder and CEO Sue Nabi set out to create the first skincare fragrance that was free of allergens, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

What makes a fragrance allergenic in the first place?

Sue Nabi: Take a look at the INCI list of any of your fragranced products. You will find ingredients* like linalool, cinnamal, citronellol all of which are used to construct a fragrance. These very ingredients are also considered allergenic substances and under EU regulations (the strictest in the world, which Orveda is formulated under) there are currently 26 of these known allergens.

What makes Orveda’s fragrance allergen-free?

SN: From my years in the industry I understand that most beauty lovers like their products to smell pleasant and it is proven that fragranced products have a better adherence, meaning people use them on a daily basis and do not skip days because of the pleasure coming from the scent. However, this should never come at the cost of an allergic reaction. We set our sights on creating a skincare scent that was of the highest quality and formulated with levels of allergens that are non-detectable. It is required by law to display allergens and if you take a look at the INCI list of any Orveda product you won’t find any of these allergens listed.

What is Orveda’s formulated with?

SN: We chose a very expensive biodegradable scent of cardamom, petit grain bigarade and galbanum for our skincare, it is a fresh and forest-like scent that really evokes the green ethos of our line and is one of the reasons The Healing Sap has become so cult. Per ounce, our scent is over 100x more expensive than typical skincare fragrances.

Does Orveda have any fragrance-free products?

SN: Yes, we created an edit of products that are totally unscented to cater for those that prefer absolutely no fragrance. These are our Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water £80, The Prebiotic Emulsion £280, Eye Unveiler 422 £190, Eye-Contour Botanical Gel £140, Biotic-Full Eyes Duo £75 and Rich Brew Botanical Cream £350.
You can therefore have a full unscented routine with a cleanser, a choice between 2 moisturisers, a choice between 2 eye cares and one skincare-makeup hybrid for eyes.

* under EU regulation EC N 1223/2009.

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