For years, fall skincare was assumed as just replenishing and maintaining hydrated skin in order to combat the drying effects of cooler temperatures. Thanks to developments in skincare research, skin barrier knowledge and glow, we now know that fall skincare means so much more than heavy moisturizers – it’s about repairing too.

Fall Skin Concerns for All Skin Types

The most commonly seen skin concern as temperatures start to cool off is heavily dependent on skin barrier health: dryness, sensitivity, and an overall lackluster complexion.

Due to this compromised skin barrier, pollution, bacteria and other external aggravators are able to penetrate deeper into skin causing inflammation, which can then cause hyperpigmentation, lack of firmness and fine lines. Essentially, ensuring the skin barrier is strong and resilient is the key to a strong, combatant fall skincare routine, all skin types included. 

Skin repair is made easy with Orveda’s signature mix, found in every product. It enriches the skin with barrier-boosting natural prebiotics, strengthening marine enzymes and other glow-activating ingredients, meaning your next step is to construct a routine that suits your skin type.

Rebuild your Barrier with Prebiotics

When the skin barrier is compromised, it means there is an uneven balance between good and bad bacteria. Prebiotic-rich formulas play a vital role in skin repair and maintenance, ultimately balancing bacterias to strengthen the skin barrier, meaning less inflammation, true for all skin types. 

Orveda’s Top Pick: The Healing Sap™ 

This ‘glow shot’ is composed of 10 highly-concentrated-at-12% actives in a toner+serum hybrid manner. It is clinically proven to: 

  • Improves skin’s hydration (+80%)* for up to 8 hours
  • Illuminates (+29%)* and brightens (+30%)* while re-balancing skin tones: Rosier (+46%)* Less Olive (-18,6%)*, and Less Beige (-10%)*
  • Fade the visible signs of skin fatigue (-45%)*
  • Improve skin’s texture by smoothing it (+20%)*
  • Reducing the appearance of pores visible in oily and combination skins (-44%)*

Combat Water Temperatures with Weightless Formulas

Resist the urge to wash your face with steaming hot water. While it may warm you up, hot water instantly kills the beneficial bacteria in the skin barrier, which takes several hours to rebuild. The best water temperature to use is lukewarm, coupled with a light-weight nutrient. 

Orveda’s Top Pick: Respure™ Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water 

Minimize direct contact with water from the tap and instead utilize a formula that refreshes and soothes all skin types, without dehydrating them, fostering skin repair.

Hydrate your Skin Type Effectively

Richer textures are traditionally more popular in the colder months but the only skin type that truly needs a rich moisturizer is those that are genetically dry. Thus, finding your hydration product match is a crucial step in protecting your skin barrier this fall. 


Orveda’s Top Pick for Sensitive or Post Procedure Skin: The Prebiotic Emulsion™

This lightweight, liquid texture is instantly absorbed by skin, thus preventing moisture loss by forming a superficial barrier that locks in hydration. The innovative 3-in-1 formulation means that it can be applied as a daily moisturizer, an ultra-hydrating serum or a once-weekly intensive masque, using the reusable silicone mask.


Orveda’s Top Pick for Balanced Skin: The Firm Brew Botanical Cream

Hardworking, revitalizing and lifting daily moisturizer. Like an invisible net, its high concentration of 12 actives at 10% is clinically proven to:

  • Lift and firms sagging contours almost instantly
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles (-21%)*
  • Reduce the rough feel often associated with aging skins (-62.8%)*
  • Bosting hydration for 8 hours (up to +100%)*
  • Improve skin’s natural healthy glow (+34.9%)*
  • Firm face contours (+10.7%)*

Adapting your routine with the seasons is essential to maintaining a healthy skin barrier and in turn, a glowing, hydrated, nurtured microbiome. With a specific fall skincare routine, all skin types can experience skin repair while enriching your pores with clinically proven, deeply penetrating formulas.

Should you have any questions about Orveda’s skincare essentials, perfect for changing temperatures, or are in search of general skin repair tips, speak with one of our skin care experts directly and experience an Orveda skin care consultation.

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