Post-biotic skincare isa mighty formulation providing a more powerful, more stable, biocompatible alternative to traditional skincare ingredients, while being heavily dermatologist recommended. 

Orveda’s use of post-biotics is one of the key technologies that sets our results apart given that post-biotic skincare outcomes are clinically proven to be 6x more brightening than Vitamin C, kind to the microbiome and a star ingredient as claimed by many skincare experts.


Meet Skincare Expert Dr. Lily Talakoub

Dr. Lily Talakoub, MD, FAAD is a board-certified dermatologist, a fellow of the American Board of Dermatology, a clinical educator for dermatology residents, a physician assistant at several universities, and Allergan’s national trainer and educator for all aesthetic injectables.

Her long term experiences in the field prove she is a skincare expert with invaluable knowledge and dermatologist recommended skincare solutions.

Read on to find out exactly what Dr. Talakoub had to say on post-biotic skincare.


 What is Post-Biotic Skincare

“Post-biotics are the chemical by-products of bacteria, such as antimicrobial peptides and fragments of dead bacterial cells that remain on the skin. These by-products are created when healthy bacteria in the skin microbiome come into contact with new molecules. The healthy bacteria effectively ‘eats’ the new molecule and produces a by-product.

Post-biotic skincare is still fairly untapped by lots of skincare brands as the technology is new and expensive, however it’s already providing incredible (and more effective) alternatives to more commonly used skincare elements making it quite the star ingredient.”


Why are Post-Biotics Beneficial for the Skin? 

“The normal human skin is a complex microbiome colonized by thousands of good bacteria that prevent the growth of bad bacteria and maintain the healthy immunity of the skin.

With continued harsh skin cleansing, which strips the microbiome and leaves it imbalanced, the composition and diversity of bacteria are disrupted. This disruption prevents the skin from protecting its barrier functions leading to increased bacterial infections, altered skin pH and inflammation. 

Prebiotics feed the healthy bacteria allowing it to flourish, while post-biotics can provide a multitude of different benefits. 


What is the difference between post-biotics and active ingredients from other sources? Are post-biotics better?

“Post-biotics are the natural by-products of bacteria and are essential to the integrity and functions of the skin. Their natural habitat is the microbiome, meaning they work in harmony with skin, not against it. Synthetic alternatives to these are not in the normal habitat of the skin and therefore can potentially cause irritation, inflammation or allergic reactions. In this sense, there is no better active ingredient than a postbiotic as it originates in the skin microbiome.”

Some post-biotic skincare has been proven to be brilliant, and more stable, alternatives to traditional skincare ingredients while studies have also found that they can shield the skin from UV radiation and environmental pollution.”


Where can I find Post-Biotic Skincare

“Within Orveda’s line of skincare essentials! Visibly Brightening & Skin Perfecting Masque harnesses postbiotic technology through the addition of a gallic acid derivative. It’s a light, calming, overnight mask that hydrates skin and leaves your face glowing the next morning. 

When it comes into contact with the skin and goes through the postbiotic process, the result is a by-product with an incredibly effective brightening property, clinically proven to be 6x more brightening than vitamin C.”


What is the Future of Post-Biotic Skincare?

“The future of skincare involves that which maintains the integrity of the skin in its natural environment.  Pre, pro and post-biotic skincare is the most essential type of skincare to prevent over stripping of our microbiome.” 

To paraphrase skin expert Dr. Talakoub: investing in post-biotic skincare solutions is the most effective, biocompatible, dermatologist recommended solution to long term healthy skin, even for the most sensitive of physiologies.



Should you have any questions about Orveda’s glow activating skin care products, speak with one of our skincare experts directly and experience an Orveda skin care consultation.

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