Today, many facial cleansers, which are created with ‘low-quality’ ingredients are assumed to do the trick when it comes to performing a deep cleanse.

The Dual Purpose of Cleansers

But, in fact, the ingredients in your facial cleanser are crucial not only to achieving an effective deep cleanse but overall skin health and ultimately, glowing skin

So what makes an effective facial cleanser? While each skin type has different needs, the basis of a good cleanser remains the same: it has to be gentle.

A Good Cleanser Cares for your Skin Microbiome

This is perhaps where we’ve been going wrong for generations: using cleansers that actually strip and dry the skin instead of gentle skincare that gives the perfect deep cleanse. Thanks to high levels of alcohol, soap and or foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate, these highly invasive products remove pollution, makeup and dirt but also skin’s natural oils, unbalancing its pH and overall, disturbing the microbiome.

When the microbiome is compromised, it becomes weak and more prone to irritation, redness and flaking. A microbiome that is missing the extra protection of healthy bacteria is also more susceptible to breakouts as bad bacteria finds it easier to take root.

What is the Best Deep Cleanse Routine? 


A good cleansing routine should always involve a deep cleanse using gentle skincare in the morning and using a light micellar water to simply refresh skin.



In the evening cleanse, a double deep cleanse becomes essential. An effective evening deep cleanse removes daily pollution, make-up and pent-up dirt to ensure the microbiome is kept free of breakout-causing bacteria and DNA-damaging radicals.


Day and night: 

Lastly, your deep cleanse routine should extend to your neck so that this area also benefits from the active ingredients in your gentle skincare products.

Which of Orveda’s Gentle Skincare Cleansers are Right for you? 

Sensitive Skin: The Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water

Orveda’s mildest, no-rinse cleanser is ideal for a morning skin-refresh, containing energizing bamboo water along with niacinamide known for its soothing and brightening properties.


Combination & Oily Skin: The Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder

Used in conjunction with its konjac sponge, this powder transforms to an aerated foam as the sponge pushes air through the formulation. Papaya enzyme combined with the konjac also provides a mild exfoliation.


Dry Skin: The Deep-Cleansing Bio-Fermented Rich-Balm

With a high concentration of ultra-rich shea butter, this balm leaves skin deeply cleansed but not stripped or dry.

Hot tip: Also great for removing heavier or waterproof make-up. Always remove with a lukewarm towel to ensure all products are removed.


All other skin types: The Deep-Cleansing Botanical & Enzymatic Oil

A powerful cleanser that also offers mild exfoliation when used with our soft kabuki brush. Botanical glycerin and botanical squalene hydrates to leave skin soft and nourished.

Hot tip: For a deeper treatment, add a sprinkle of Clay-Mud Cleansing Powder to Deep-Cleansing Botanical & Enzymatic Oil once or twice a week.

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