5 tips to prep your skin for the big day

Getting beauty ready for your wedding doesn’t just include your hair and make-up; if you’ve done your skincare prep right in the run up to the big day, what you apply on the morning itself should quite literally, be the icing on the (wedding) cake. Laying the foundations for flawless, radiant skin will create the best possible canvas for your wedding look and provide you with a natural, luminous glow. Here are 5 tips to help you get your skin Big Day ready…

Combat Signs of Stress

Preparing for a wedding, however joyful the event, can be stressful. Taking some time for you in the run up can give you that moment of pause you need to relax and regroup. Investing time in your self-care routine and introducing facial massage, or intensive treatment masques will not only feel pampering, but nourish your skin, too. If you do suffer from stress breakouts, use our Deep-Clearing Mud Masque weekly as an intense care treatment with 28% actives to draw out impurities, reduce pore size and control shine.

Brighten & Glow

Whilst you may be naturally glowing with happiness on the big day, a little boost from our Visibly Brightening and Skin Perfecting Masque can’t hurt. An intensive, overnight treatment – it combats dullness, uneven skin tone and boosts skin luminosity by 11% with a combination of papaya enzyme, Gallic Acid and Niacinamide. Creating a ‘back-lit’ look for healthy, glowing skin.

Stay Hydrated

Skin hydration is the key to a plumped, glowy look that will give your make-up the best possible canvas on the big day. Boost skin hydration by 50% with The Prebiotic Emulsion™ – a pro-recovery fluid moisturiser that boosts skin’s natural glow by 60%, while revitalising, too.

Don’t forget your Décolleté

Depending on the style of dress you will be wearing, your neck and décolleté may be on show, too. Remember – your facial regime shouldn’t end at your jawline, take your products right down your chest to ensure your skin across your neck and décolleté is given the same hydrating, glowing treatment. If you’re conscious about fine lines in this area, our targeted Ironing Effect Masque can be applied topically on the day, even over make-up, to smooth skin by 12%, thanks to organic oat extract which has a visibly lifting effect, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

Get ready for your close up

If you’re skin-conscious, the idea of having your photo taken all day may be a worry. Be prepared! Working on your skin clarity, pores and shine control will help you feel more confident when in front on the camera – applying our Botanical Poultice Imperfections Minimizer under your make-up across your t-zone can help blur imperfections, reduce shine and visible pores thanks to a combination of 10 actives, including papaya enzyme to brighten and green lentil extract to refine skin texture.


If you are preparing for your big day and need help creating a tailored skincare routine, book in a call with our Skin Concierge team.


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