Find out what separates our hard-working toner-serum hybrid from the rest and why the right serum is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. 

The Healing Sap, aka our ‘glow shot,’ is one of the most iconic products in the Orveda line for its instant glow-giving effects. It already has a cult following after just two years on the market and is loved by those in the know, such as A-List make-up artists such as Lisa Eldridge and beauty editors across the globe. One application of The Healing Sap and it’s easy to see why it gets such an incredible reputation, but in case you’re yet to try it read on to find out the top 5 reasons to invest.

1. It’s Your Twice-Daily ‘Glow Shot’

Our impressive cocktail of 10 actives concentrated at 12% make The Healing Sap the skincare equivalent of your morning juice shot. It packs a punch with our signature mix of marine enzyme, natural prebiotic and bio-fermented kombucha black tea as well as two different types of hyaluronic acid, seaweed extract (known for its energising properties) and papaya enzyme to gently brighten skin tone by 30%. Applied AM and PM no longer than 3 minutes post-cleanse (when skin is most receptive to ingredients) the results are visible instantly with a smoother (+20%), more luminous (+29%), brighter (+30%) and less oily skin tone developing with continued use (-44%).

2. It’s A Multi-Tasking Essential

In a super lightweight, liquid formulation, The Healing Sap can be applied in a multitude of ways, as it is a toner and serum at the same time. Sweep over the face with the accompanying non-woven compresses – we love this method for its quickness and ease, especially if applying in-flight. Alternatively apply a small amount to the palm of hands and gently pat into skin – less is more with this product due to the high concentration of actives. It will be instantly absorbed leaving skin ready for your AM or PM moisturiser. Not only can The Healing Sap be used on the face and neck, but we always recommend to apply across the décolletage and hands too.

3. It Activates Skin’s Own Power To Self-Heal

Because we believe skincare should work with your skin not against it, you won’t find any harsh ingredients such as retinol or fruit acids in our formulations. Instead, our signature mix strengthens the skin barrier and allows the good bacteria to flourish, activating skin’s own power to self heal.

4. Its Kombucha Fermented Black Tea Acts Like Makeup From Within

Bio-fermented Kombucha black tea is designed to improve overall skin quality by enhancing skin smoothness, color, brightness, luster, transparency and radiance. Plus it has a makeup from within effect, lowering green and olive tones, while boosting rosy and healthy ones. Our Kombucha is the plastic surgeon’s favourite active since it accelerates adipogenesis, which means the creation of new fat cells. It is therefore the perfect compliment to fat injections, which are becoming more and more popular.

5. It Is An Amazing Pores and Fatigue Signs Eraser, Loved By Both Women and Men

The Healing Sap helps to fade the visible signs of skin fatigue by 45% and strongly reduces the appearance of pores visible in oily and combination skins by 44%.

Should you have any questions about The Healing Sap – or indeed any other skincare topic – please don’t hesitate to contact our Orveda Concierge directly: our 5-star skin service that is at hand to answer all your burning skincare questions.

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