Our Science

Works with skin, not against it
“The Science of tomorrow is as kind to the skin as possible. It doesn’t change the skin’s pH, strip it of its natural oils or impact on its microflora. Bacteria, yeast and enzymes – made possible through the power of biotechnology – is to beauty what electricity is to the modern-day cars such as Tesla. ” Sue Y. Nabi

Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic, Naturopathic and Taoist principles, Orveda works with the skin’s natural biology, not against it. Understanding the skin as a “me-cosystem”, our high-end, alternative, vegan range works to heal skin from the inside out, and empowers skin’s natural biology. 

Designed to respect skin’s superficial homeostasis, Orveda signals the end of the “no pain, no gain” era. Instead of using molecules or techniques that disturb the skin’s natural renewal, Orveda champions beauty’s new future and its factories - bacteria, enzymes and yeast – to work with, not against, skin's natural processes and microflora. 

Using predominantly natural and biofermented actives, Orveda helps the natural self-healing processes of the skin – to strengthen skin’s barrier instead of weakening it. 

Because a healthy, glowing skin is before all a stronger skin. 

Ancient Wisdom × Future Possibility

Vegan, highly concentrated and super-active, Orveda’s is a mix of ancient wisdom and future possibility. It has been created by combining the age-old power of bacteria with life-long ancient traditions like Kombucha, while harnessing the new-age potential of dermatological cosmetic science. 

This is all made possible through bio-technology. More than 98% of Orveda actives are natural origin ingredients obtained via green bio-technologies.

Up to 88% of the actives have a bio-fermented origin:

  • Bio fermented black tea (kombucha)
  • Bio-fermented phyto plankton
  • Bio-fermented origin pre-biotics
  • Bio-fermented origin enzymes
  • Bio-fermented organic hyaluronic acids
  • Bio-fermented yeast extracts

Orveda’s formulations are also up to 15x more concentrated than those of classical, high-end skincare.

Glow is the New Lift​
“Today, beauty (and the desire for beauty) is all about glow, light, luminosity, and not only looking but feeling healthy, in ways that go beyond a smoother-looking or tighter skin. Glow is indeed the new lift, and it is here to stay.” Sue Y. Nabi

Targeting the skin on 360°, Orveda is our most comprehensive way to activate skin’s healthy glow – delivering a clinically-measured efficacy on skin texture, pore visibility, four skin tones (olive, beige, rosy and red tones), skin transparency, luminosity and brightness. 

Skincare that rivals makeup

The clinical test results of The Healing Sap™ — our exceptional pre-care treatment, designed to act on the origin of beautiful, healthy looking skin, with visibly rejuvenated skin glow, skin tone and skin texture — prove that Orveda, as skincare, can rival make-up.

Containing 10 actives concentrated at 12%, this holistic treatment:

  • improves skin’s hydration (+80%)* for up to 8 hours 
  • illuminates(+29%)* and brightens (+30%)*
  • rebalances skin tones (rosier (+46%)*, less olive (-18,6%)*, and less beige (-10%)*) 
  • helps to fade the visible signs of skin fatigue (-45%) *
  • improves skin’s texture by smoothing it (+20%)* and strongly reducing the appearance of pores visible in oily and combination skins (-44%) *.

*clinical measurements realized under dermatological control, after 28 days of daily usage, on 28 testers + 8h hydration test, 10 testers. 

Across the Orveda range, we have conducted more than 20 clinical tests on 330 testers in Europe and around the world

The Science of Glow
“To be able to achieve such comprehensive glow activation, we relied on the latest understanding of how skin works: That we are alive with a ‘second skin’ — a microbiome of billions of bacteria that outnumber our cells ten to one. These are beauty’s new future and its factories: Bacteria, enzymes and yeast. We took this into account for the first time into our quest for ‘the holy glow’.” Sue Y. Nabi

Orveda’s signature mix

Vegan, highly concentrated and super-active, our signature mix comes from, on one side, futuristic possibility and, on the other, from ancient wisdom.

In terms of futuristic possibility, we looked to science and specifically biotechnology to replicate enzymes to infinity, with zero impact on the environment. 98% of our actives are achieved through biotechnology, and precisely bio-fermentation.

1. A natural prebiotic to help heal the skin’s natural micro-flora barrier

Orveda uses primarily natural and biofermented actives produced by yeast and bacteria to work with skin’s natural microflora. Our prebiotic is an alpha-glucan oligosaccharide obtained by a patented process of enzymatic biocatalysis. It is designed for the protection and biostimulation of natural skin defenses. It is designed to be a bio-selective substrate for beneficial skin micro-flora, to the detriment of pathogens and undesirable flora. It offers gentle protective and restoring action for all types of skin.

Orveda49972 Bacteries Fond

2. Bio-fermented marine enzymes to help heal the physical barrier

Derived by biotechnology, our marine enzyme (inci name: thermus thermophillus ferment), is a ferment that is rich in multifunctional and stable enzymes. Our marine enzyme is designed to prevent the visible signs of photo ageing like spots, wrinkles, and dryness. It is designed to reinforce cutaneous barrier, improves skin moisture and corneocyte cohesion. It is designed to protect cells from UV damages, and to reinforce skin integrity.

Orveda50126 Racines Fond

3. Bio-fermented kombucha black tea to increase the freshness and rosiness of the skin

Saccharomyces/xylinum black tea ferment is designed to act as a smoothing and lipofilling ingredient. It is a natural grade fermentation of sweet black tea by the symbiosis of two microorganisms. It has a clinically measured anti-glycation activity and a re-densifying effect on adipocytes. Bio-fermented kombucha black tea is designed to improve overall skin quality by enhancing skin smoothness, color, brightness, luster, transparency and radiance. Its composition is rich in organic acids and vitamins.

Orveda50136 The Fond

State-of-the-art dermatological actives

Lastly, our signature mix is completed by state-of-the-art dermatological cosmetic actives – such as niacinamide, peptides, antioxidants, organic hyaluronic acids, organic oat proteins — to help correct wrinkles, spots, redness, visible pores and lack of firmness.

Dermatological Actives

Three Levels of Action

Created by the world’s leading skincare experts, Orveda’s range of vegan, highly concentrated and active cosmetic treatments fuse the best of Science and nature to rejuvenate skin’s natural healthy glow.

The Orveda range rejuvenates skin’s natural glow by targeting three levels:

  1. The skin’s natural barrier
  2. Skin tone, skin transparency and skin luminosity
  3. The visible signs of youth

Level 1: A glowing skin is, before all, a healthy skin barrier

Bio-fermented marine enzyme to help heal the physical barrier. A natural prebiotic to help heal the skin’s natural micro-flora barrier.

Level 2: The power to increase the freshness & rosiness of the skin

Bio-fermented kombucha black tea (also called "the long-life mushroom beverage"); which we call "make-up from within”.

Level 3: The power to correct all skins concerns

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