Our Philosophy

With, Not Against
“In addition to finding new ways to create clean formulations that are ‘fearlessly kind’ to skin, self, others and the planet, we want to help shift the mindset of beauty from one that is obsessional and built around anxiety to one of health, happiness, mental positivity and self-esteem.” Sue Y. Nabi

With a Taoist approach to business, Orveda is a “with” and not “anti” brand. It is a values brand that is inclusive and open: working with, not against skin, self, others and the planet.

In creating Orveda, we wanted to respect, not to disturb. This means respecting skin, respecting self, respecting animals and, importantly, respecting someone who considers skincare a real investment – and delivering, not disturbing, its promise and integrity. 

As an anti-anti-ageing beauty brand, Orveda is also “with” women and men whose trust in beauty has been betrayed countless times with "hope in a jar" and an idea of beauty that is built around anxiety.

For us, being anti-anti-ageing is about the idea that glow is the new lift.
We profess not to reverse ageing but rather to celebrate a new age beauty; redefining beauty not as youth but, instead, as glowing health.

As such, we set about creating the first skincare that rivals make up.

Healthy is the New Sexy

This is on-trend not only with the major beauty trend - the healthy glow obsession - but also ties into the growing global consciousness of wellness; of health being your greatest wealth. It also ties in with the concept of the new luxury – as one of “betterment”, self-improvement and self-actualisation.

Girl Leavs

The High Art of Self-Care

Linked to “betterment” is the importance of self-care; of time-rich rituals that are at once pampering and beneficial – for skin, spirit and soul. It is for this reason that Orveda offers cosy “hygge” (me-time moments at home) – by turning your bathroom into a spa and weekend "glow facials", to name a few. Through its pro tools, Orveda encourages the necessity of self-massage: sending messages to your cells via the power of touch.

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Green, Clean, Vegan & High End
“We made a conscious decision to lower — as much as possible — the levels of plastic and petrochemical-origin packaging, components, formula actives and fillers. We intend to use mainly biotechnological natural origin actives and botanical symbiotic moisturizers to protect Earth’s natural resources.” Sue Y. Nabi


With Orveda, we tried to be as green as possible while still being efficient. We used only recyclable glass bottles — which better preserve the integrity of our formulations — as well as consciously employing the following:

  • Limited use of plastic components to <5%
  • Sustainably sourced packaging
  • 100% recyclable glass & plastic
  • FSC-certified paper
  • Water-based inks for all lacquering

Our high-style, low-impact counter at Harvey Nichols has also been created with sustainable practices in mind - from build to service experience.


Orveda is also a “free-from’ range:

  • No parabens
  • No phenoxyethanol
  • No artificial colourants
  • No sulfates, no soap, no talc
  • No alcohol
  • No irritating actives like retinol or fruit acids
  • Botanical oils instead of mineral oils 


A kind brand, Orveda is “with” animals and is 100% vegan. Yet our difference to other green, vegan brands lies fundamentally in high concentrations of track-record actives; proven in 20 clinical testings and an experience that is truly luxurious.

The End of No Pain, No Gain.
“Instead of using molecules or techniques that disturb the skin’s natural renewal, our high-end, innovative range uses molecules that are designed to help the natural self-healing processes of the skin – to strengthen skin’s barrier instead of weakening it – because a healthy glowy skin is before all a stronger skin. This understanding – that we should work with skin, not against it – signals a fundamental change in skincare formulation.” Sue Y. Nabi

We consciously decided not to use molecules such as retinols or fruit acids because our philosophy is to strengthen skin rather than to irritate it.

This ties into our overarching beliefs in and practices of not only being fearlessly kind to skin, but also in working with, not against skin.